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Google Documents Confirm New Bands For Pixel Watch 2

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The latest FCC paperwork for the Pixel Watch 2 reveals a new wristband for Google’s upcoming wearable device and the return of a previously missing band.

Currently, there are six wristbands available for the Pixel Watch. The active band is the soft-touch fluoroelastomer band that ships with the Pixel Watch. Two fabric straps, two leather straps, and a metal link band join these. Curiously, when the Pixel Watch launched a seventh band, the metal “Milanese” mesh band was advertised, but this was never launched, and the Google Store “coming soon” listing was removed in April.

According to the FCC paperwork, the metal mesh band will return with the Pixel Watch 2, alongside a third smaller band potentially called the metal slim strap.

Given that the quick-release strap connector and mounting on the Pixel Watch appear unchanged, it’s safe to assume that bands will fit both the Pixel Watch and Pixel Watch 2. There’s far more benefit in increasing the addressable market for a watch strap than there is in leaving the first generation behind.

The new metal bands for Google’s wearables are joined by new hardware features in the Pixel Watch 2, with Google’s ‘teaser’ trailer for the Pixel Watch 2 launch revealing an extra sensor at the rear of the watch as well as confirmation of the larger rotating crown and IP68 rating.

Google will launch the Pixel Watch 2 at its “Made By Google” event on October 4th.

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