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FCPD pilots ‘BolaWraps,’ a tether to restrain people from a distance

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Fairfax County Public Safety Headquarters (via FCPD)

Local police officers use handheld remote devices to detain individuals from distances of up to 25 feet.

Fairfax County Police Department announced It was in test operation yesterday (Wednesday) Bora Lapreleases an eight-foot-wide tether to entangle uncooperative suspects and individuals experiencing a mental health crisis from a distance.

The police department said the device works best at distances of 10 to 25 feet and is intended for situations involving individuals displaying “passive or active resistance.” Except the new tools help detain individuals before cases escalate.

In a news release, Major Brooke Wright, County Commissioner Criminal Justice AcademyBolaWraps said it would add another tool to the police department’s toolbox for detaining individuals.

“FCPD continues to seek the latest advancements in our profession to prepare officers for the situations they encounter,” Wright said. “Every day, officers use their verbal skills and de-escalation tactics to peacefully resolve situations. It provides another potential tool for officers to safely detain someone, and we look forward to continuing this pilot and identifying other ways to assist officers to keep them and our communities safe. I have.”

Police Chief Kevin Davis told the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors this spring That the division began rolling out Bolawraps in April.

The department currently has 30 BolaWraps across district stations and crisis intervention teams. The pilot program will end next April and will cost $46,000, according to the FCPD.

All officers using the device will receive training from the Criminal Justice Academy before using the device, the ministry said.

WRAP, the company behind BolaWrap, touts the device as effective in alleviating “usually chaotic” situations.

Instead of waiting for an encounter to unfold and escalate, BolaWrap allows arrests to be made quickly, safely and humanely, ending the situation, and making positive decisions that do not lead to injury or the use of force. promote better results. ” company website state.

The company has targeted the device to emotionally disturbed individuals, passively resistant subjects, people with psychosis, people in crisis, and those under the influence of alcohol and drugs, among other scenarios. I am proposing to use

Over 500 law enforcement agencies nationwide use the device.

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