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FCC Commissioner Calls for Mandatory Security Updates for Wireless Devices

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U.S. Commissioner amid growing concerns over cybersecurity threats targeting all types of electrical and electronic equipment Federal Communications Commission (FCC) asks authorities to require manufacturers to provide ongoing security updates. wireless device.

In a presentation at the Practicing Law Institute’s 40th Nathan Symington, Commissioner of the Annual Telecommunications Policy and Regulation Institute, called on the FCC to change its equipment certification process to require device manufacturers to provide software security updates to wireless devices for a set period of time. rice field.

“It’s time to pay attention to the millions of insecure wireless devices in our country because they were manufactured by unfriendly state-owned enterprises and by criminal hackers posing as legitimate manufacturers. Not because the manufacturer couldn’t release the information, but take great care to create and maintain them safely,” Simington said.

According to Simington, “Software updates only require manufacturers to identify defects in their code, fix them, test them, and release them through their update channels. The burden of releasing software updates is relatively small. Workforces within corporate engineering offices are facing significant benefits to society due to dangerous vulnerabilities shutting down thousands or millions of devices actively used across American homes and businesses. It surpasses.”

Regarding the FCC’s authority to act in this matter, Simington believes: RF Release device to do no harm interference‘ So, ‘I believe our equipment licensing and spectrum licensing regimes already include such a requirement.

Read Commissioner Simington’s full speech outlining his proposal for mandatory software updates for wireless devices..

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