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Dozens injured in New York City apartment

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At least 43 people were injured in a fire at a high-rise apartment building in midtown Manhattan on Saturday, fire officials said.

Frank Dwyer, a spokesman for the New York City Fire Department, said two people were in critical condition and hospitalized as of Sunday afternoon. . Others, including about a dozen firefighters, were being treated for minor injuries.

The agency’s director, Joseph Pataky, said at a press conference on Saturday that the two, who were in critical condition, had “life-threatening injuries from smoke inhalation.” .

The fire department responded to three alarm fires on the 20th floor of a high-rise apartment building at 10:24 a.m. Saturday, according to a fire department report.

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Firefighters arrived on the scene within three minutes of the call and rescued two civilians trapped on the 20th floor, FDNY chief Frank Reeve said. One of them was a rope rescue, he added.

New York City Fire Commissioner Laura Cabana The fire was caused by a “lithium-ion battery connected to a micromobility device,” a battery-powered scooter, bicycle, or skateboard.

Fire Chief Dan Flynn said fires caused by micromobility devices powered by lithium-ion batteries have “exponentially increased over the last few years.” He said there have been about 200 such fires this year, killing six people.

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These micromobility devices may include electric bicycles and electric scooters, but officials have not specified the type of device involved in the fire.

Flynn said at least five bicycles were recovered from the apartment building where the fire broke out, and authorities believe the occupants were repairing the bicycles.

“We also want to highlight the increasing cause of fires from e-bikes and make sure families are following the safest methods for using these. No,” Kavanaugh said.

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