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Differences in ComPsych Employee Assistance Program and Ginger app

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Faculty are encouraged to take advantage of our free assistance program. ComPsych Employee Program and Ginger Emotional Support App.

ComPsych Employee Assistance Program Offerings

Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) help people with personal problems, such as emotional problems, substance abuse problems, relationships, family crises, legal and financial concerns, before they spill over into the workplace. A confidential service provided by an employer to assist an employee who is EAPs are also used by managers as a tool to assist employees in need of personal counseling and as an aid in dealing with the aftermath of major incidents.

EAP/Behavioral Health Program

family source – Unlimited interactive, phone and online expert guidance and resource searching. Pre-screened referrals to child and elderly care services. Personalized information, referrals and recommendation packages. Extensive and detailed online content, including videos, audio, articles, and book recommendations.

Legal Connect– Unlimited phone and online access to legal information from licensed attorneys. Access to a qualified nationwide network of attorneys for face-to-face consultations. Referrals to lawyers in the community at discounted rates. Comprehensive resource database including self-help guides, low-cost legal clinics, and legal aid organizations. Various free legal options.

financial connect– Unlimited phone and online access. On-staff CPA and other financial professionals. A network of certified financial planners. A user-friendly online financial planning tool. Online video presentations by experts. Recommended books and articles.

Guidance Resources Online – Thousands of articles, news and videos reviewed by experts. Tools, surveys, self-assessment questionnaires. Easy navigation and search by topics, life events and keywords. Confidential 1:1 expert help and feedback. Personalized, scenario-based content recommendations. Interactive chat and message boards. A directory of child care, aged care, legal and financial professionals.Integration with intranets and HR portals

how to access

EAP programs can be accessed online or by phone.
Phone: 888-311-4327 or TDD: 800-697-0353
Go online: guideresources.com

Ginger Emotional Support App Offers

Everyone, including dependents, can benefit from incredible mental health care. You and your dependents over the age of 18 can access mental health support through the Ginger app. When a dependent signs up with Ginger, they get a separate account. All information regarding their use, conversations and data is confidential and will not be shared with your organization or family.

Get on-demand access to mental health support anytime, anywhere. Easy access to care wherever you are, when you need it, and whatever you’re experiencing. Ginger can help with everything you’re struggling with, from stress and depression to work and relationship problems.

Coach Ginger can help you with whatever you’re struggling with. Problems such as stress, anxiety, depression, work, relationships, and sleep. Your coach will work with you on techniques to improve your sleep, share strategies for managing stress, work with you to create and plan, and hold you accountable to help you reach your goals. I will let you

Coaching, therapy, psychiatry – all in one place.

  • Behavioral Health Coaching. Texting via the Ginger Emotional Support app is convenient, discreet, secure, and can be done anytime, anywhere.
  • Self Care Library. Access over 200 clinically-validated resources, including self-guided activities, videos, podcasts, and classes to help you practice well-being techniques and develop life skills.
  • Video-Based Therapy and Psychiatry. A licensed therapist or psychiatrist can help you deal with ongoing psychological symptoms and prescribe medication. We are available nights and weekends to suit your schedule.

let the ginger begin

  1. Download the Ginger Emotional Support app.
  2. in the app,[アカウントの作成],[組織]then tap
  3. Please follow the instructions. You are now ready to go.

More Employee Assistance Resources and Information

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November 4, 2022

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