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Central Texas man shot in the neck during robbery called deputies for help by activating stolen car’s OnStar device

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Crawford, Texas (KWTX)- A man who was paralyzed after being shot in the back of the neck in a robbery earlier this week was able to activate an OnStar device in his car and contact authorities after the attackers left him behind.

McLennan County Sheriff’s Office deputies arrest James Ashful Bledsoe, 32, of Merlin and Brian Matthew Cook, 37, of Crawford, implicated in the October 21 robbery and assault of a man in 2600 I am looking for a woman who is thoughtful. Crawford’s Galaxy Road block.

Bledsoe, who was arrested Wednesday, remains in prison on bail totaling $730,000, while Cook, who was arrested Thursday, remains in jail on bail totaling $375,000. He has been charged with aggravated assault, aggravated robbery, involvement in organizational activities, and tampering with physical evidence. Cook has been charged with aggravated robbery, organized criminal activity, and tampering with physical evidence.

Lawmakers have also lured the victim to Crawford’s home, where he is searching for the woman who claims he was shot and robbed.

A deputy was called to the scene with the report of the suspicious vehicle, according to the arrest warrant affidavit. On their way, the dispatcher is notified by OnStar that a man has been shot at the same location and he needs help.

According to the affidavit, the woman who reported the suspicious vehicle is the woman the attorney is trying to identify for her alleged involvement in the incident.

Agents found Cooke and Bledsoe there and arrested Bledsoe on an outstanding warrant, the affidavit alleges. Agents obtained a search warrant and found a video system that captured the incident, the affidavit said.

Agents claim the woman and the shooting victim were “hanging out.” The man left the house about an hour later, but received an email from the woman telling him to go home. Bledsoe can be seen in the video wearing black clothing and a mask and holding an AR-style rifle while the victim and the woman sit in the car in the driveway, his affidavit claims. .

The victim told agents that the man in the driver’s seat opened the passenger door and pointed a rifle at him. He said he grabbed the barrel of the rifle and pushed it away. The rifle fired into Dash, and a masked man, later identified as Bledsoe, told him to “take off and give his stuff.”

The victim told a representative that he realized the woman had “set up” the robbery. According to the man’s wishes, the man tried to leave in a car that was believed to have been damaged by crashing through the dashboard. He said the car wouldn’t go more than 5 mph, but he was able to drive it out of the gate before it died in the driveway.

The affidavit claims that in the video Bledsoe can be seen walking towards the car and firing fire, shooting the man in the back of the neck. , the woman, and Bledsoe moved the victim from the front seat to the back seat of the vehicle.

Cook brought the rifle home, but the woman is seen using her shirt sleeve to wipe door handles and other parts of the car.

“When[the victim]was interviewed, he described the incident and said he heard two men talking and based on their story, they took his car to an unknown location. “He believed he was dead,” the affidavit alleges. “The initial shots immobilized the vehicle and rendered Bledsoe undriveable.”

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