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BEOF rental assistance program open to Bayonne and Hudson County residents

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The Bayonne Economic Opportunity Foundation (BEOF) has announced that homeless people and those at risk of becoming homeless have access to a rapid rehome rental assistance program.

This program can support security deposits and rental subsidies for up to 12 months. Residents of Bayonne and other communities in Hudson County are eligible to apply for this housing assistance through BEOF.

The Rapid Re-Housing Program provides monthly case management to help tenants access resources and stabilize their homes during the course of the program. During the program, households pay 30% of their monthly income to rent. The goal is to enable households to reach their goals and maintain their homes in the future.

Criteria for applying for the program through BEOF include income eligibility. Being homeless or at immediate risk of becoming homeless. Hudson County Residence; And either US Citizenship or Legal Immigration Status in the United States. Public housing tenants and existing or long-term Section 8 tenants are excluded from the program.

First-time Section 8 tenants may be considered to be covered by the security deposit. Income eligibility is based on the number of household members measured against total household income. Some examples of household size and eligible maximum total income include: Two people, $ 27,600. Three people, $ 31,050. 4 people, $ 34,450. 5 people, $ 37,250. And 6 people, $ 40,000.

For more information on other household sizes, please call Audrey or Maria (201-437-7222) for initial telephone screening to contact BEOF. However, applicants cannot qualify by phone. If the criteria are met, an appointment will be made to qualify the applicant for further financial assistance. Reservations are required. We do not accept carry-on.

Applicants are required to bring various forms of ID and financial documents to the interview. BEOF advises applicants on which documents are required. Once you have collected all the required documents, call BEOF (201-437-7222) to book an appointment with a rental specialist. All documents must be received within 7 days to avoid disqualification from the program.

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