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Amazon and Best Buy are selling the cheapest Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 variant at an irresistible price

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When shopping for the best smartwatch to fit one’s specific needs and personal preferences, many people are inclined to go with the latest and greatest product from their favorite brand. But that’s not always recommended if you also want to make the best deal possible and keep your spending to a minimum.

In that case, a hardcore Samsung fan, for instance, could opt for a Galaxy Watch 5 or even a Galaxy Watch 4 model instead of a Galaxy Watch 6 or Watch 6 Classic. Released a little over a year ago, the non-Pro Watch 5 is pretty similar to the “regular” Watch 6 anyway, both from a cosmetic and a functionality standpoint.

But while the hot new Galaxy Watch 6 normally starts at $300, the “old” yet far from outdated Galaxy Watch 5 can currently be yours for a whopping 170 bucks under the same list price. Make no mistake, $300 is how much this bad boy used to cost back in the day in an entry-level GPS-only 40mm configuration, dropping steadily since its August 2022 commercial debut at retailers like Amazon and Best Buy.

That’s the reason why the Wear OS-powered device is now listed at different “regular” prices at the two retailers, but regardless of that, you’re currently looking at paying just as much (or rather just as little) whether you decide to opt for a Best Buy or Amazon purchase.

Best Buy’s advantage over its arch-rival is that it has two color options still in stock (namely, graphite and pink gold), while Amazon can only fulfil your orders for the gray (aka graphite) flavor of the non-cellular-enabled Galaxy Watch 5 in a small 40mm size. 

That probably means that you don’t have a lot of time to claim this outstanding new deal until Samsung’s Apple Watch alternative from last year goes up closer to its typical price or out of stock entirely, especially with the device manufacturer itself no longer carrying GPS-only Galaxy Watch 5 units at all.

As you probably already know, this model doesn’t come with a rotating bezel or a robust titanium construction, nonetheless shining in the style department with its circular high-quality AMOLED touchscreen and doing a lot to help keep you healthy and fit, with everything from ECG technology to a blood pressure sensor, body composition analysis, and advanced sleep coaching. 

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