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6 GHz update: 1,000+ Wi-Fi 6E devices now available, FCC conditionally approves 13 AFC operators

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The above information is provided by Intel. Disclaimer: Wi-Fi 6E device tracking overview is public information compiled by Intel from the vendor’s website, press release announcements, and third-party device reviews. Intel provides this rating for informational purposes only, does not guarantee its accuracy, and is subject to change without notice.

Claus Hetting, Wi-Fi NOW CEO and Chairman

Wi-Fi 6E has seen rapid market adoption, and now there is good news for standard power 6 GHz Wi-Fi. As of the end of Q3 2022, there are over 1,000 Wi-Fi 6E devices on the market. Meanwhile, the Federal Communications Commission last week conditionally approved 13 organizations to operate the AFC service.

The number of Wi-Fi 6E-enabled devices on the market continues to grow in a perfect S-curve (see chart above), and now stands at over 1,000. According to the latest information provided by Intel, as of the end of Q3 2022, that number has reached 1,095, the majority of which are PCs. Nearly 80 smartphones are currently available, as are over 100 Wi-Fi 6E access points.

Meanwhile, the process for making standard-power 6 GHz available indoors and outdoors jumped forward this week, as the FCC conditionally approved 13 organizations to operate the AFC. Organizations include Broadcom, Kyrio, Wi-Fi Alliance, Qualcomm, and Plume. The FCC has said that “the next step in the approval process will require testing to ensure that it operates according to the Commission’s rules,” but testing procedures have not yet been defined. Read the full FCC statement here.

The exact channel an AP is allowed to use depends on the AFC and its location. Standard power operation is expected to significantly improve the quality and range of both outdoor and indoor Wi-Fi and make the 6 GHz band available for fixed wireless access.

smart home platform provider decorative feather He also commented on the FCC’s statement. Blog here: “For consumers, this change has the potential to provide more reliable and robust Wi-Fi connectivity in the home. , and provide the opportunity to offer the most sophisticated smart home services,” said Plume.

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